Patient Safety

We have and always will put the safety of our patients and our team above all else. You deserve to receive the most risk free, comfortable and exceptional experience possible.

A Safe Environment


Receiving dental care in a modern dental office comes with an expectation of a clean and safe environment. At Johnson Dental, we pay special attention to the importance of patient safety and health preservation when disinfecting and sterilizing.

Clean and Sterile


Following the CDC guidelines, Johnson Dental has always maintained a high level of cleanliness and sterilization in our office and operatories and extend that care and concern all the way to our front door.

Your Well-Being


Your oral health and overall well-being is our highest priority.  As new information is released about both new and long-standing infectious diseases in the community, we will make any and all aggressive changes to keep you and our team safe.

State of the Art Sterilization Equipment

We employ some of the most advanced washers and sterilization equipment available to keep instruments clean and eliminate any infectious pathogens. Because you deserve the best!
STATMATIC Handpiece Cleaner

The STATMATIC Handpiece Cleaner purges all water and moisture out of up to 3 handpieces at at time.  Once it has cleaned out the lines, it lubricates the turbines and gears to allow for smooth operation of our headpieces.

BRAVO Autoclave

The BRAVO fractionated vacuum chamber autoclave is at the forefront of innovation and technology. Bravo technology ensures perfect steam penetration, complete sterilization and rapid cycles for all instrument loads.

HYDRIM G4 Instrument Washer

HYDRIM G4 Instrument Washer is the first step in our sterilization process. It provides a safe, effective and efficient way to clean instruments, allowing our team to focus on the most important thing in a dental practice, the patient.